The Documentary

At the completion of the six week workshop. Participants of the workshop became active co-creators in the creation and development of their memory space (‘site of memory’). Using their emotional toolkits, co-creators gathered images, audio, video and developed their own photogrammetric scans to be displayed in WebVR using A-Frame, a web-based VR framework.

As co-creators developed their spaces, development of the communal archive connecting everyone’s contributions was created. The interactive documentary was built in WordPress and supported with A-Frame WebVR. The website would allow co-creators to view all of their spaces together and be able to describe their memory space with a written statement and a biography of themselves.

The outcome, Future through Memory, highlights everyone’s contributions and becomes a central location for future iterations of the workshop to be promoted as well.



Memory Spaces page, showcasing all the co-creator's spaces
All Creators page highlighting everyone that participated within the first series of Future through Memory workshops.
Mapping the Interactive Documentary
All co-creators as displayed in A-Frame WebVR

The web-based VR framework, A-Frame, provided broader accessibility for workshop participants and viewers as all experiences could be viewable with or without the use of a VR headset or needing any additional applications besides an internet connection to enjoy viewing each space.

Additionally, the site was also translated into traditional and simplified Chinese as well as Vietnamese for content accessibility needs.

Oculus Quest shown. A-Frame is accessible using a multitude of VR headsets and browsers.
My Mother’s Village (鹿湖坝) by co-creator, Joshua Lue Chee Kong viewed in A-Frame
Chang O by co-creator, Arlene Chan, viewed in A-Frame
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